Protect your dogs in the summer months

Protect your dogs in the summer months

Keeping dogs safe in the summer months...

Much is written about how to protect our precious four legged friends during the hot summer months, but it is vital that some precautions are made especially when the temperature rises and the suns out.

DO make sure that your dogs are kept in the cool and shade especially during the hottest and sunniest parts of the day

DO walk in the early hours before it starts hotting up, or later in the evening if it is cooler

DO keep your dog hydrated with cool fresh water available at all times and a paddling pool is a great way to cool down and fun for dogs (always supervise with kids and dogs)

DO think of cooling doggy treats in the same way we enjoy a cooling lolly, chicken stock and water ice pops, or frozen fruity treats are a huge hit...always make sure you check what your dog can and can;t eat whilst creating yummy treats.

DO try to invest in a cool coat for your dog if you have to go out and about, always keep these damp and never let them dry out on your dog. 

DO also get some window sun shade/stretchy covers for the rear windows they really do reduce the sun onto the back seats if you have to travel in the day... great for both dogs and children


DON'T walk your dog on the hot pavement or hard surfaces, if the surface is too hot when you hold your hand on it, it can easily burn your poor doggies paws - this is also for the beach.. hot sand burns paws!

DON'T leave your dog in the sun even if, like mine (she thinks she's a sunflower and turns to keep the sun on her face) she enjoys it... only when the sun is weaker and the UV levels are low

DON'T travel with your dog in the very back of a hatchback car when hot, the sun glares down through the back window and although you might get the benefit of aircon in the front the poor pooch in the very back might not.

and the most most most important thing...

DON'T EVER LEAVE A DOG IN THE CAR - IT CAN HEAT UP VERY QUICKLY AND OVERHEAT THE DOG (even if you think its not too hot)   ** there are already stories this summer of dogs dying in cars - how people still allow this is incomprehensible

keep your pooch safe and enjoy the summer xxx



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